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We are millennials and people of color, known for our creativity. We leverage our knowledge of our culture, trends, and technology; to create unique, compelling media. We are the next generation of creative directors, producers, editors, strategists, curators, media buyers, and digital designers.


Our Mission

In an industry dominated by youth, urbanism, and technology; our media is culturally responsive. We take time to understand your vision and bring it to life; our authenticity and process that has not yet been offered by large agencies and production studios. We aim to make a splash in the creative industry, in attempts to create creative careers for underrepresented people of color in America. 

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Our Services 

We offer media production, strategy, and creative support services. We ensure you maintain autonomy over your media and creative vision.  Our streamlined project management allows for efficient on-boarding and speedy turnaround. We provide a comfortable, structured communication style for our clients. Our one and done creative planning process was crafted with your time, money, and reputation in mind. 

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Our Team

We are a large network of creatives from unique multi-cultural and multi-sector backgrounds. Our staff has worked for household name brands, urban artists, and online digital spaces that are known to determine industry trends and generational lore. We are a vast, intersectional force equipped to equitably create media for us, by us.  

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Creative Support

We provide creative support via social media, digital publications, and creative online meet-ups. We also have a slack community dedicated to collaboration and sharing of resources. 


“Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything." "If a man does not work passionately - even furiously - at being the best in the world at what he does, he fails his talent [and] his destiny....”

— George Lois, Creative Director


Community Not  Competition

Learn about our community leader and founder's vision for the LORE: work culture and legacy.