LORE:MEDIA exists to create equitable media for companies, artists, and movements working to make the world a better place. We are creating a culture focused on providing creative direction, strategic support, and equitable solutions to complex problems. We are excited to offer artists 100% creative control over their product as we lead them through the ideation process. 

The world of media has controlled the narrative for many important topics, industries, and cultures since it began. Although our individual truths hold equal validity we view the world through the lens of our televisions, computer screens, and cell phones. We hear the stories that make money, we buy the clothes that are on trend, and we eat the foods that look the best on our Instagram timelines. A few decades ago in an elementary classroom somewhere in America children were taught the lore of the cultures that came before us. Children touched objects comparable to our smartphones for the people who created and used these objects in their daily lives. These same inventors had native tongues in which they share their cultural lore in. Lore has evolved. Lore is still a multi-medium exchange between one another; it is all done online or created on a computer.